There are four different types of scanners: film, hand-held, flatbed, and drum.

Film Scanners/ Slide Scanners: Film scanners are small desktop scanners used to scan 35mm film and slides. Slides usually are higher quality than prints and produce a higher quality scan. Slides are brighter than prints and have a higher dynamic range. Many slide scanners have resolutions in the 5,000-6,000 ppi range and can be very expensive to purchase.

Hand-held scanners: Hand-held scanners are small instruments that you slide across the image by hand. They can only scan 2"-5" at a time so are only useful for small photos. They are sometimes called half-page scanners and are the least expensive type of scanners.

Flatbed scanners: Also called desktop scanners, flatbed scanners range from inexpensive low-end scanners for hobby use to very high quality, expensive units used by professionals. They generally are not as high quality as the drum scanners

Drum scanners: Also known as a rotary scanner, the drum scanner scans images that are mounted on a rotating drum. The drum spins rapidly in front of a stationary reading head on either a horizontal or vertical unit.


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