High-end Plasma TVs are able to display 16.77 million unique colors. Plasma televisions are a new type of display that uses technology fundamentally different from other TV sets. Although Plasma displays are not a new invention (research on them dates back for decades), it is only recently that the technology to manufacture Plasma TVs at a relatively cheap cost have been developed. Plasma TVs have been on the market now for several years. They initially 'wowed' many home theater enthusiasts with their size and weight (and particularly their thinness), but initial displays were very expensive and lacked picture quality comparable to other technologies. However, with advances in manufacturing technology, Plasma TVs are now a viable, and in many ways superior, alternative to other display types (see Advantages of Plasma TV for more information). Plasma TVs are now available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 32- to 63- inches wide, and with larger displays on the horizon. The picture quality has greatly improved, as have sharpness, black levels, and brightness. And although still more costly than traditional CRT TV sets, prices have also come down significantly, and many shoppers can now consider Plasma TVs to be cheap enough to buy.

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