Firewall Software is a basic requirement for anyone using broadband to prevent hacking, virus, and other security risks. Firewall software is software designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or network that is connected to the Internet. Firewall software comes in a variety of forms, offering a wide variety of features, protection capabilities, scalability and cost. From personal firewall software that can be purchased for $50, to corporate firewall software costing thousands, firewall software is a necessary component of having any type of broadband connection. Typically, firewall software works by hiding your computer (via the ports that connect it to the Internet) from unknown users. Firewall software basically 'stealths' your computer of network, hiding it from hackers who scour the Internet looking for vulnerable computers that they can gain access to. When looking for firewall software, make sure to research a variety of products to make sure you find the software package that best fits your needs.

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