Data recovery is the practice of recovering needed data from a hard drive that has failed, and is unable to boot. With the number of hard drives in use today, although the average hard drive has a very long lifespan, this is becoming an increasingly common problem. When a hard drive fails to boot up as normal, or encounters some other type of error, recovering of the hard drive's data is still possible. A variety of companies specialize in data recovery services. They are able to take a damaged hard drive, and generally recover all data that is stored on it, placing it onto a set of CDs or DVDs for upload to a new, functioning hard drive. If you have experienced a hard drive failure, be sure to check out the various data recovery companies that are able to assist. Many data recovery companies are able to assist with other types of storage media as well, such as tapes. Generally, the crashed hard drive will need to be shipped to the data recovery service for them to complete the extraction.

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