Deaths have occurred when the drop-sides of mesh playpens and cribs were left in the down position. When a mesh side is left down, the mesh hangs loosely, forming a pocket or gap between the edge of the floor panel and the side. Young infants, even a few weeks old can move to the edge and fall into the loose mesh pocket where they can be trapped and suffocate. New mesh-sided playpens with drop-sides have warning labels that alert parents and others never to leave infants in playpens with sides in the down position. Be aware that older mesh playpens or cribs do not have these warning labels. Many of these products are still in use. Deaths have also occurred in playpens or travel cribs that have a rotating hinge in the center of each top rail to enable the product to be folded into a compact package. These deaths resulted when the top rails collapsed and formed an acute 'V' shape that entrapped the child's neck. In the entrapment incidents, the hinges were either not turned inward and down or they somehow rotated during use to the unlocked position. CPSC has recalled several brands of playpens with these rotating latches in the center of the top rails. Some playpens or travel cribs have a hinge at the center of each top rail with a latching mechanism that locks automatically when the rail is lifted into the normal use position. To fold these products, a button or other release mechanism must be used to release the latch. Such products, while similar in appearance to those with rotating hinges, are not known to have been involved in any fatal entrapment incidents.